Alan’s Charity walk for 2012

Alan as he completed the 70km plus walk in February. What you can't see is the TWO cans of beer he had in his hands!

Most readers of this site wouldn’t have know us earlier in the year, it wasn’t here! So, also you wouldn’t know that Alan raised just over £1300 for two of our favourite charities doing a sponsored walk from the north to the south of Lanzarote – the island we live on. A distance of just over 70km!

The mad man that he is, he couldn’t just leave it at that and has now come up with the idea of something much bigger for which he is now training and planning. He’s going to walk up, down or across the Siete Islas, the seven main islands that form the archipelago that is the Canary Islands, the estimated distance is between 400 and 500km!

Once again with the aim of raising money for the same charities, Niños Tercer del Mundo and the The Rose Road Centre.

If you’re interested to find out more about what Alan is up to and follow the preparation, and indeed what happens during the walk itself, click here to visit Alan’s blog. Or, you can keep up with his latest news on either Facebook or Twitter!

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