This page may change without notice… so do please check back if you are unsure. If in doubt, simply drop us an email to info@petfriendlybreaks.com as we are always happy to help.


I know that if something says it’s free, it rarely is… so what’s the score with you guys?

Honestly… it really is FREE for accommodation owners (and agents) to get listed. We (Alan and Elle…in case you’ve forgotten our ugly mugs from the front page) absolutely promise NEVER to charge you  on the site. We just love our dogs… and wanted to do something that would benefit not only them, but other pets and their owners. We will make our couple of pennies in other areas of the sites. We may, in the future, add such things as chargeable featured listings… maybe… maybe not… but certainly you will never ever be charge for adding your pet friendly accommodation onto the website.

I own a property that I would love to add onto your website – hey it’s free right? Is that okay?

Yes of course it’s okay! The more the merrier! We would encourage you to make your descriptions as personal and as appealing as possible. Tell our readers exactly why they should be bringing their doggie and/or their puss-cat to your place. Be clear about your own rules and really take the opportunity to sell your place!

Ready to add yours? Click HERE to start.

I have more than one pet friendly accommodation – can I add multiples to your website?

Absolutely! There are a couple of things that we ask however.

  1. Because this website is very personal for pet owners… we want real detail in the descriptions. For this reason, we do not accept duplicates. For example, if an owner has a listing on our site, we won’t accept an agency’s listing for the same accommodation.
  2. There must be only one type of accommodation for each  listing. If you have a villa ABD a B&B for example, then add a listing for each. If in doubt – ask!

I want to edit my accommodation listing on your website. How do I do that?
Nice and simple this one – you should receive a login once you have added your property. But if you can’t find it… or have lost it… just email us on info@petfriendlybreaks.com with the email address you used to add your listing originally.

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I’m really happy with my free listing. Is there anything I can do in return?

Yes please! We’ve set up a page with a number of ways you can help us spread the word with very little commitment on your part. You can view the page HERE.