Welcome to pet friendly breaks – a website born from our being unable to find exactly what we wanted, when we wanted, and perhaps a couple of glasses of wine were also instrumental…


We are Alan and Elle – and we live in a gorgeous little Spanish town called Vélez-Blanco in Almeria which is in the southeast corner of Spain.

We have three dogs (a Labrador cross called Guido, a hee-owge pure Labrador called Pepper, and a crazy ginger Boxer called Billy).

Back when we lived on the sunny island of Lanzarote in the Canary Islands (off the coast of Africa) we got to talking about the possibility of visiting mainland Spain for a holiday. We couldn’t possibly leave our boys in kennels and wanted to see how feasible it was to take them with us. A quick Google search on “pet friendly villas in Spain” turned up results of course, and there seems to be a good number available. But, they mostly didn’t show any details about types of pets, numbers or any other restrictions there may be!

The Boys

We got to thinking that a simple ‘accepts pets’ statement as shown on the big rental sites was nowhere near enough for us to base a decision on.

We came to the conclusion that the owners of pet friendly holiday rentals are highly likely to be dog or cat lovers themselves, and how it might be interesting, as well as providing more details about the pets allowed, to also allow owners to share a bit of themselves with fellow animal lovers.

Our aim is to make this all a little more ‘personal’ than the big holiday rental sites!

As the website grows, more areas will be added. The website already ranks well for a number of juicy search terms, and plenty of people are already booking their holidays through the site.